Easy Chicken Marinades

I eat a lot of chicken. I really like chicken. I do not like chicken thighs, so you won’t be seeing any inexpensive, chicken thigh recipes here. Of course you can substitute them if you like. I digress.

We generally buy the mass quantity bags of individually frozen chicken breasts from Costco, as they’re super convenient and decently priced. But, once in a while, Aldi can pull through with a super sale on chicken breasts. I came across said giant pack on sale for only $1.84/lb! So, even though I have a freezer full of chicken already, I had to get them. Like I said, I eat a lot of chicken. But, they came in a big ol’ pack of 7 giant pieces with super thin plastic wrap around it that wasn’t hermetically sealed, so not the best thing to be tossing into the freezer if you expect to be able to use them easily.

This steal of a deal inspired me to create a couple different pre-marinaded bags of chicken in what I think are perfect flavor bases for a couple different ethnic styles. Pre-marinating your chicken can save a couple steps when you’re batch cooking or meal prepping for the week. No fancy picture for this one, its purely informational. I mean, raw chicken is not the sexiest thing in the world, so here’s what the finished products look like.

Unsexy chicken in sexy marinades!

Unsexy chicken in sexy marinades!

So here you are-3 chicken marinade recipes. In the time if takes to prep and then freeze solid, your chicken will have been perfectly tenderized by the acids that are in each recipe and then poof! Frozen at the peak of marinaded perfection. You can also let them soak for an hour and then use, as it should be perfectly flavored. There isn’t a lot of liquid in these recipes, as they are meant to be a quick coating. Plus, I don’t like wasting ingredients-some of which can be expensive in larger quantities. But yes, go ahead and pour that liquid that is left into your saute pan, as its perfectly fine to use as long as you cook the crap out of it for a while, since there was raw chicken bathing in it. Insert common sense here.

Hope you enjoy them!

Italian Chicken Marinade

Indian Chicken Marinade

Asian Chicken Marinade