Five Diabetic Travel Tips

I went to Paris! My lovely sisters and I took a long weekend in the #cityoflove

Travelling abroad as a Diabetic requires a little extra planning. Here's a couple tips to make your trip easy and enjoyable!

Earlier this year, the gov't shut down was affecting air travel, so I actually asked my Dr. for a travel statement, which is a simple letter stating I'm a diabetic and use the following supplies, etc. I usually don't travel with one of these, but just in case there were issues with anything I was carrying, I didn't want to add to any delays. 

Here'ssome more suggestions that can help you prepare for your trip:

1. Carry 90% of your Diabetic supplies in your carry-on.T Thepoint of a carry-on, is to have everything you would need in case your suitcase gets lost. You don't want to deal with trying to fill a prescription in a foreign country.

2. Bring snacks & glucose tabs. If there's turbulence you aren't able to get out of your seat nor are the flight attendants going to be able to get you anything.  This is also much cheaper than buying in-air snacks or at the airport shops.

3. Water. Either bring an empty, reusable water bottle or buy one at a shop before boarding. Staying hydrated is a very important factor in keeping your blood sugers in line while flying.

4. More glucose tabs! Europe requires a lot of walking! Even if you're taking the train or buses, you still need to walk to them then walk all over the museum or destination you're heading to. 

5. Use your temp basal! They invented it for a reason.  

Hope these tips help you out as you travel with Diabetes!