Hitting a Wall with Weight Loss

One of the reasons I’m doing this blog and website now is to share my love of cooking AND eating. As a Diabetic I’m hyper-aware of everything I put into my body…I’m like a walking encyclopedia of carb counting. But, I also have weight issues like a lot of people. I’m short and stocky, so my weight has always been a slight annoyance.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been searching and searching for a way to lose weight. I felt I was stuck where I was with my body. I know it takes hard work-I work out, I am strong, I barely sit down most days. But, I could barely shed more than 2-3 lbs.

I’ve tried every fad diet and eating plans. I’ve tracked food, counted calories, had the colored containers- even went to a nutritionist for help! Which she was not at all-she handed me a low-calorie diet full of carbs.

What I finally found that worked for me was cutting out dairy and most whole grains. I am not super strict, but 95% of my diet is now GF. I discovered this by doing the Whole30-twice, actually. The first time though, I went back to eating grains and dairy, but overall, a much cleaner diet.

Still couldn’t lose any weight though.

The second time around, I did the re-introduction period more seriously and my body told me that dairy and gluten were not very welcome! That was in September of 2018. Within 2 months I had lost 10 lbs. and honestly was not going to the gym at all. The weight loss can also be attributed to the lesser amount of insulin that I’m taking. When cutting out the gluten-laden foods, it just naturally cuts out a lot of carbs, so less insulin over all is needed. I’ve found that my body really likes to eat meat and vegetables.

Finally, it took me getting into my late 30’s to figure this out! I don’t think I have Celiac Disease, maybe just a strong gluten sensitivity-haven’t been tested. I know I’m pretty sensitive to lactose and have only eaten cheese and yogurt for years. But, now I’ve cut those out too-but, will have some fresh Parmesan on some things and will eat goat cheese if its in front of me. Hey, I can’t totally torture myself!

My blood sugars are much more steady too with less postprandial (after meal) spiking.

Speaking of gluten free, I just finished my first official recipe post for the site too! It’s an easy, Gluten Free Meatball recipe. The pictures turned out great and I’m super proud of them. I also created a great Pinterest-worthy graphic to go with it. I decided if I’m going to do this blog and website justice, I better do it 100%.

I’m hoping to create and post at least one recipe per week. I know how to cook so many yummy things and I can’t wait to share them all with you! If you have any suggestions or want to know how to make a recipe healthier, gluten free or lower carb, please comment or send me an email.