The Day the Minimed 670G Died...

I’ll be singing, Bye Bye Miss American Pie…

Giant chip and crack in my insulin pump

Giant chip and crack in my insulin pump

Actually no, I was swearing expletives under my breath because I was at the YMCA pool with my son and neighbors! Apparently, I somehow got a giant chip and a crack in the housing of my pump, right on the corner of the battery compartment-which is usually water tight and I’ve been swimming with it for years-but if there’s a hole in the side, water will get in. And then the pump goes insane. You know the screaming, incessant alarming sound? It. Would. Not. Shut. Up. Even dried out with a new battery attempted and it wouldn’t work., but oh it can still scream for 15-20 mins with no battery! I called the Tech support and they helpfully said to hold down the back arrow button to put it to sleep. My sanity thanks you.

I did call Medtronic and a new pump is on the way, but not until Tuesday! So, MDI for me for 2 days. But in order for that to happen, there’s this thing called long-acting insulin, which I did not have an Rx for, because I haven’t used it in nearly 10 years. And it’s Sunday afternoon. Smarty pants myself thought to call our insurance nurse line! Usually they’re the ones I call when I’m on the fence whether to bring my kid to the ER, but I explained my symptoms-ahem, problem-and she was perfectly happy to call up an on-call Endo and get a Rx sent to CVS before they closed. Thank the Primes! (Can you tell I have a 6 yr old son?) I was afraid I was going to be forced to find an Urgent Care (and pay full price since its January and a new deductible kicked in!) in order to get insulin.

So now MDI…I’m just a bit peeved at myself, as I’ve recently gotten my I:C ratios and basal rates pretty tuned in and consistent straight line BG graphs over night too. Did I write them or my basal rates down? Of course not. It’s like when you don’t back up your phone and then lose all your pictures of your baby. Lesson learned. So learn from my mistakes today: make sure you write down your settings or download your pump to Carelink more than every 2 mos and get an emergency prescription for long-acting insulin-on paper-so you can scan it or save it somewhere and have it in case you need it!

This post was supposed to be about Boeuf Bourguignon, which I christened my new dutch oven with today, but that will be shared another day this week. It was amazing BTW. Can’t. Stop. Eating. It.