Welcome to the New Pretty-Betes

You may be wondering where the old Pretty-Betes Subscription box, website and shop went. To be honest, I lost interest and wasn’t giving it the love and attention it deserved, so decided to take a break. But because I’m a self-described technology nerd, I can’t quit all together! I love having a website and learning ALL THE THINGS that you can do these days with apps, easy-beautiful websites and of course have been intrigued by the #bossgirl phenomenon/scheme of selling your program of marketing secrets that enables you to quit your marketing job. Shhh. But yes, I will write a book some day. I digress.

So, I’m going to take a little detour with the Pretty-Betes brand and just start blogging again to start. My blog’s name is, The Dilettante Diabetic. I love the word dilettante because it is exactly who I am.

Starting now.

Hi! I’m Kate.

I’ve got Diabetes. Type-1 to be exact and I’ve had it for 31 years. I’m not going to explain what Diabetes is. You should know already and if not there are plenty of websites (and Instafeeds) that can explain it in the proper language with love and excitement-and much cuter outfits I’m sure. I’m going to blog about being a mom, an “arm of government association” worker and a dilettante of art, food and whatever else I fancy. Diabetes does and will always rear its ugly head in most of these, but like my tagline says, “Diabetes can be pretty ugly, but LIFE can always be prettier.”

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue.