Your Kitchen Arsenal

To be a successful cook of any skill level, it helps to have some great tools! Most of these I use myself-I mention them in my recipes-and highly recommend. I am an Amazon Associate member, so may receive a small % of sales if you click on my links.

digital scale.jpg

Get Yourself a Scale

The only way to really know how many carbs and calories you’re eating is to weigh your ingredients and food. Use a reliable personal food log or website like My Fitness Pal to know the nutritional content of your ingredients.


Grind out Frustration

You need to have this in your kitchen arsenal! A super heavy, granite mortar and pestle will change your life. Grinding whole spices, fresh herbs and creating your own “flours” is all possible with this. I have this one from Jamie Oliver and love it.


If you Don’t have a Pot to…Cook In

A stainless steel pot is possibly the most necessary thing you can have in your arsenal. There are no crazy surface chemicals that may or may not leach or get scraped into your food, you can’t scratch them and most of the time they last a lifetime. I use mine almost every day.